Lobster Pot, Pattaya, Thailand

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Lobster Pot Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Lobster Pot Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Lobster Pot is probably the best seafood restaurant in Pattaya on all counts. You can start with the venue on the pedestrian mall. It's a busy spot during the evening. Then there's the sea and bay with the bright lights identifying the resort's nightlife scene. Even if you never dined here you would appreciate the view and street scene. But most visit Lobster Pot to eat and that is where the restaurant excels with the finest selection of Thai, Chinese and International dishes.

Predictably visitors visitors walk inti this restaurant without any reluctance. Its location on the busy street helps but it has a friendly front to it and none of the air that would make you think its menu was priced too high. Then there are the tanks crammed with live seafood - king lobster, rock lobster, shellfish, squid, crab, fish and prawns.

Lobster Pot Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Surprisingly none of the items are expensive at Lobster Pot considering the weight and freshness of the catch that is delivered to the door daily.

The restaurant has a Chinese look to it, but then the jetty where you can dine under the stars is Thai, natural and friendly. In fact the outside area was once a fisherman's wharf where boats delivered their catch.

Diners have a choice of Chinese, Thai and International dishes. The chef is an expert at cooking the dishes to suit your taste buds. All you need to tell him is the level of spice and heat you can endure.

You can dine here on a budget but you can also splurge if you wish. There are special menus and meals to suit every budget.

Special set menu, four courses - Baht 495:

Appetizers - you can choose a prawn cocktail, steamed mussels, chicken mayonnaise or spring rolls.
Soup - tomato, mushroom, fish or chicken noodle.
Main course - pepper or fillet steak, baked whole fish in banana leaf, breast of chicken in wine sauce or sweet and sour prawns in pineapple boat.
Dessert - fresh fruit with ice cream or banana split.

There's also a Thai food and seafood platter for two persons - Baht 295

Lobster Pot has a large selection of imported wines from France, Chile, South Africa and Australia. Prices start at Baht 950 bottle and Baht 110 glass. They also have delicious and inexpensive cocktails. A Mai Tai or Singapore Sling costs Baht 75.

The restaurant is open from 1200-0100 daily.

Lobster Pot Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand