Empress, Pattaya, Thailand

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Dusit's Empress Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Dusit's Empress Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand Dusit's Empress Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

The Empress Chinese Restaurant features Cantonese cuisine and Szechwan dishes for a bit of spice, along with the always popular dim sum lunch menu daily.

Located on the ninth floor of Dusit Resort Pattaya, on the corner of Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya-Naklua Road. The restaurant's attractive interior design incorporating Chinese style is complimented by Chinese background music. There is seating for 600 people.

Dusit's Empress Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Chef Thavorn Kitjaraun recommends the restaurant's favourite dishes:

Steamed seabass with garlic - Baht 600
Sweet and Sour spare ribs - Baht 650
Sauteed prawns with chilli Szechwan style - Baht 1,000

Dishes at the Empress are prepared without seasoning powder, taking diner's health into mind. 'Restaurants usually prefer putting a little seasoning powder in because it makes better taste but I think if we concentrate on flavoring agents and spices we can make the taste good and clean' said chef Tavorn, who has 20 years experience in Chinese cuisine.

'Everyday I'll check for fresh food material to cook and some materials we have to import from Hong Kong and China, such as shell sauce and tapioca flour.'

He explained the Cantonese and Shanghai style of Chinese cooking. He was keen on Shanghai style cuisine, which is more spicy than Cantonese. 'The Cantonese menu here is good but I want to add Shanghai style also.'

Enjoying the cuisine at the Empress Chinese Restaurant, which is open daily, can be enhanced by sunset views. Lunch is served from 1030 to 1430 and dinner from 1830 to 2230.

Dusit's Empress Restaurant