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Pattaya boasts an incredible choice of accommodation to suit every pocket. Facilities range from luxury hotels with private beaches to bayside hotels and bungalows, and inland, economy class hotels and guesthouses.
Pattaya has accommodation to suit all budgets and preferences, and for whatever the duration. There is long-term accommodation in the form of lease or rent, house rental, apartment rent or condominium rental. A relatively new concept has reached Pattaya, that of the serviced apartment, in which a longer term rental is taken but included is daily cleaning and general servicing, much as in a hotel, taking away the daily chores, yet paying less than a daily rate in an equivalent hotel room. Timeshare is also on the increase, whereby one can purchase ownership time of a unit, usually a condominium apartment, for a certain period of the year, every year. House rentals are ideal for providing accommodation for the family or larger group; however, these rentals and leases tend to be for at least 6 months and, more usually, one-year period. There are short-term house lease available, but the choice is more limited.
Accommodation can be found in as wide a variety of hotels as one can imagine. This accommodation ranges from hotel rooms at very low rates, offering basic but clean rooms. The cheapest accommodation is with fan and these rooms can be found, however, most come with air conditioning. Bathroom and toilet facilities are usually also in room. Accommodation in hotel goes from these basic rooms at one end of the scale, through various levels of accommodation and services to the grandest of rooms and suites that can be found anywhere.
The next type of accommodation is the more specialized accommodation. Pattaya is a beach resort and has long stretches of lovely coastline stretching out from Pattaya town. Beach bungalows can be found, again varying in price and amenities. Then there is the hostel type accommodation for the budget or 'back-packer' type of traveller. This is also covered by guesthouse accommodation, at a slightly lower price than the basic hotel, yet offering good accommodation in a clean and friendly environment.
Whatever your requirement, Pattaya and the surrounds has it, and you may find all types of accommodation, from hotel rooms to beach bungalow, from hostel accommodation to luxury suites, all are listed in the search categories contained in these pages.

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