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Diving in this country is a relatively new phenomenon. On August 13, 1964 the first meeting of the Thailand Sub Aqua Club (TSAC) was held. The aim of the club was to popularize skin diving, and to organize spear fishing and underwater photographic contests. To coordinate the activities of the club four sub-committees were formed: spear fishing, 'gogling', SCUBA diving, and underwater photography. Serious spear fishing, which had been the main incentive to get the TSAC started, eventually lapsed in popularity, and SCUBA diving became the major activity.

As an indication of the growing popularity of SCUBA diving among the Thais, the Siam Diving Club was started on October 18, 1977. The club is interested in protecting the ecology of the sea bordering Thailand, and in teaching their members about the flora and fauna that is to be found in these waters. Besides, SCUBA diving is fun. It has to be fun or who would cope with the logistical problem of getting bodies, baggage, and boats to converge at the same time and at the same place. Nevertheless, fortunate indeed are those who have discovered this remarkable sport. And what better place to practise it than off the Kingdom's 2700 kilometre shoreline and numerous islands.

The waters of the coast of Thailand offer diving enthusiasts some of the most beautiful underwater sights in the world.

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