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It is difficult to imagine the world without ice cream. It's hot and what could be better than to have some ice cream to beat the heat.
Although commercial production of ice cream started only about 150 years ago, its origins go back much longer. Records indicate that Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar frequently sent teams of runners to the mountains to get snow, which was then flavoured with honey, fruits and juices.
During the 18th century, ice cream was a dessert enjoyed only by the elite. Dolly Madison is known to have created and served a strawberry ice cream dessert at her husband's second inaugural banquet in 1812 in the White House.
But with the invention of insulated ice containers, ice cream became more readily available. In 1845, Nancy Johnson of New Jersey invented a hand operated ice cream freezer, which allowed people to enjoy ice cream at home. By 1851, the manufacture of ice cream had quickly become an industry. Today, annual production in the US is well over 900 million gallons, excluding other dairy products like yogurt, sherbet and sorbet.
Despite its high calorie, ice cream is still consumed by millions of people everyday. Every half-cup serving of super premium ice cream contains 240-360 calories, premium 155-300 calories and regular 130-230 calories.
This is all quite high compared to yogurt. Ice cream also has a lot of butterfat: super premium 14 percent and regular 12 percent. Some brands are most expansive because they are creamer.
All commercial ice cream contains air. The process of whipping air into the mix is called overrun. Without air, ice cream would just be a solid block of frozen cream that cannot be scooped. The air actually improves the texture.
By law, ice milk and ice cream must weight at least 64 grammes per half-cup serving. Essentially, like all good things, ice cream should be taken in moderation. But if you are worried about adding on weight, a brisk walk around a park on a warm weekend morning will soon have you sweating away all that rich creaminess. Which makes you ready for the next scoop. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine the world without ice cream.

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