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Thailand has an extensive automobile industry and Pattaya holds numerous efficient business enterprises to cater to any requirement.
There are a large number of garages that specialize in car tyre service, covering tyre repairs and the sale of new tyres. Many Thai businesses, in fact, only deal in car tyre work and, as such, are very experienced and efficient. Other garages deal in all aspects of automobile service, nevertheless, providing a reliable car tyre service.
Many major tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Champion, Deestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, HiHero, IRC, Michelin, Otani, Tokai, Vee Rubber, and Yokohama have factories in Thailand and this has made the market for new tyres very competitive, to the benefit of the consumer. The total costs for car tyre repairs or service are surprisingly inexpensive and the level of competence of the staff and mechanics is very high. Please see the listings to choose a competent car tyre business in Pattaya.

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