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There are numerous car rental agencies in Pattaya, several are established international business names, and Pattaya based Thai entrepreneurs run others. Avis, Hertz and Budget have large Pattaya offices offering late model vehicles ranging from a fun jeep to luxury sedans. These tend to be more expensive rentals than those offered by the local Thai business, however, they do offer top of the line vehicles and full insurance, with full breakdown service. Many of the Thai car rental business also offer late model vehicles. These include the jeep, small, medium and large cars and pick-ups and mini-buses. Other smaller car rental companies offer older cars at budget prices. Beware the cheaper deal as it may not include any insurance coverage and limited breakdown service. Also the fine print in the contract with the smaller Thai business may have hidden liabilities for you in the event of an accident, even if it not your fault. Be sure to enquire about three things before signing the contract - insurance coverage, breakdown and replacement service, and your liability in the event of an accident. If any doubts arise, it may be better to rent your vehicle from the established large operator, paying a premium price but having peace of mind in the event that something unexpected occurs.

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