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Hey! I am Aniki. Nice to meet you! I am so lonely...

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About Me
Date of Birth: 3/3/1981
Birth Day: 
Astrological Sign: 
Chinese Year: 
I was born on: 
Also born was: 
Location: Bangkok - Thailand
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 175 cm (5 ft 8.9 in)
Body Type: Average
Weight: 57 kg (126 pounds)(8 stone 14 lbs)
Languages: English/Thai
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Buddhist
Education: Bachelors Degree
Occupation: Student
Monthly Income: 50,000 to 74,999 US Dollars
Smoker: Smoke Socially
Drinker: Drink Socially/Occasionally
Marital Status: Never Married
Have Children: None
Want Children: No

How I describe myself

My name is Aniki.nice to meet you and to be your friend ! I am kind of easy-going man.I do like Karate-Do so much and sure now I'm playing it.I like listen to music-Rock and Alternative. amm... and I am the good guy that can be with ur life.

How I describe my ideal match

I want Friends.so any Girls can be my friend.I don't fixed it.BUT ! no Fat Girl.And we can talk in English or Thai. and I want Pretty girl, smart and cheerful. that's it!

About my personality

My most ideal place to live is: Any place will do just fine
My ideal holiday (vacation) would be to: Pattaya
When it comes to my space: Anything will do just fine
My fashion sense can best be described as: Contemporary - Not about fashion awards but not a slob either
My sense of humour tends toward: Slapstick - Three stooges/Amigos all the way!
When it comes to parties, I'd best be described as: Impartial Observer
With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy: Something athletic or energetic
When it comes to television, I: Turn it off
When it comes to work, I: Keep a standard 40-hour week
I attend religious services: More than once a week
My political views lean toward: Ultra-conservative bordering facist
When it comes to money: I spend it when I've got it
When I'm meeting a friend, I am generally: Waiting for the others to show
My favourite type of music are: I'll tell you later
My favourite colour is: Red
Let's talk pets:
 I have: 
 I like but don't have: 
 I don't have and don't like: 
 I have no opinion on: Cat(s)/Dog(s)/Fish/Reptile(s)/Bird(s)/Exotic/Rodent(s)/Flea(s)/Other
Turn Ons & Offs:
 Turn Ons: 
 Turn Offs: 
 No Opinion about: Tattoo(s)/Body Piercing(s)/Long Hair/Skinny Dipping/Flirting/Thrill Seeking/Public Displays of Affection/Dancing/Power/Wealth/Sarcasm/Brainiacs/Boldness/Assertiveness/Erotica

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Since 1/5/2003 (DMY)

Who I'm looking for

Seeking: Female
Age Range Between: 18 - 25
Location: Any City - Australia
Hair: Any
Eyes: Any
Height: 155 - 172 cm (5 ft 1.0 in - 5 ft 7.7 in)
Body Type: Slim/Slender
Weight: 40 - 109 kgs (88 - 240 pounds)(6 stone 4 lbs - 17 stone 2 lbs)
Ethnicity: Any
Religion: Any
Education: Any
Occupation: Artistic/Musical/Writer
Monthly Income: Any - Any Any Currency
Smoker: Any
Drinker: Any
Marital Status: Never Married
Has Children: None
Wants Children: No

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