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About Me
Date of Birth: 10/6/1981
Birth Day: 
Astrological Sign: 
Chinese Year: 
I was born on: 
Also born was: 
Location: Bangkok - Thailand
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 157 cm (5 ft 1.8 in)
Body Type: Slim/Slender
Weight: 46 kg (101 pounds)(7 stone 3 lbs)
Languages: I'll tell you later
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Buddhist
Education: Bachelors Degree
Occupation: I'll tell you later
Monthly Income: I'll tell you later Currency Unit
Smoker: Don't Smoke
Drinker: Don't Drink
Marital Status: Never Married
Have Children: None
Want Children: Yes

How I describe myself

Iím from Asian, with black eye and black hair, currently living in Bangkok of THAILAND (land of smile) I like to meet interesting people, I speak and write very little English but I trying (I hope you understand about me) If you want to know more then please send me and email

How I describe my ideal match

My ideal match would be caring, Considerate, Likes to be treated nicely and someone Who is egualy happy out or having quiet, Cozy time at home and very Kind

About my personality

My most ideal place to live is: Any place will do just fine
My ideal holiday (vacation) would be to: Taj Mahal
When it comes to my space: Anything will do just fine
My fashion sense can best be described as: Contemporary - Not about fashion awards but not a slob either
My sense of humour tends toward: Slapstick - Three stooges/Amigos all the way!
When it comes to parties, I'd best be described as: Impartial Observer
With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy: Something athletic or energetic
When it comes to television, I: Turn it off
When it comes to work, I: Keep a standard 40-hour week
I attend religious services: More than once a week
My political views lean toward: Ultra-conservative bordering facist
When it comes to money: I spend it when I've got it
When I'm meeting a friend, I am generally: Waiting for the others to show
My favourite type of music are: I'll tell you later
My favourite colour is: Blue Violet
Let's talk pets:
 I have: 
 I like but don't have: 
 I don't have and don't like: 
 I have no opinion on: Cat(s)/Dog(s)/Fish/Reptile(s)/Bird(s)/Exotic/Rodent(s)/Flea(s)/Other
Turn Ons & Offs:
 Turn Ons: 
 Turn Offs: 
 No Opinion about: Tattoo(s)/Body Piercing(s)/Long Hair/Skinny Dipping/Flirting/Thrill Seeking/Public Displays of Affection/Dancing/Power/Wealth/Sarcasm/Brainiacs/Boldness/Assertiveness/Erotica

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Since 1/5/2003 (DMY)

Who I'm looking for

Seeking: Male
Age Range Between: 25 - 50
Location: Any City - Any Country
Hair: Any
Eyes: Any
Height: 160 - 197 cm (5 ft 3.0 in - 6 ft 5.6 in)
Body Type: Any
Weight: 80 - 100 kgs (176 - 221 pounds)(12 stone 8 lbs - 15 stone 11 lbs)
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Religion: Any
Education: Any
Occupation: Any
Monthly Income: 49,999 - 100,000 US Dollars
Smoker: Don't Smoke
Drinker: Don't Drink
Marital Status: Any
Has Children: Any
Wants Children: Yes

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